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Styling with Green

'It’s a funny – but true – story. I seem to attract colour wherever I go, even when it comes to surnames! My maiden name was Salmon, but I always wanted it to be Green. Then along came a man, who happened to tick all of the boxes and before you knew it, I was married off as Mrs Green at last. The moral of this story is – be careful what you wish for!

The fact is, green has always been my favourite colour, as it signifies the very essence of life. It invigorates, inspires and provides a fresh outlook on things, with all of its glorious, positive energy.

Photographer | Armelle Habib

Nearly all of nature’s cues with green are positive – think freshly cut grass; the deep green of the vast ocean, even on a dark stormy day; think of the most beautiful hot house that is bursting with ferns; think new beginnings and feel the force of lifeblood all derived from the colour green.

Green is such a versatile colour too. Most of the colour wheel considers it a friend, and it can be layered brilliantly as an accent or as a full-blown feature. Plants are a good example of the positive force that green can bring to an interior – as they add a living, breathing component to every room that they are placed in.

Photographer | Armelle Habib

I know I am not the only green lover amongst us, and understandably so. Despite what Kermit the frog said, it is most definitely easy being green, and in my opinion every interior needs at least a hint of it.

Artist | Tim Freeman

Artist | Katie Wyatt

Artist | Sammy Ann