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Designer Bedding & Bedroom Accessories Online

Beds are all about layers, and mix and match bedding rather than an entire collection from the one pack. The bed can be a work of art where all styling elements collide. Playing with colours, patterns, shapes, textures makes for a far more interesting place to lay our heads and is way less predictable than subscribed packets off a shelf. Experiment with mix matched pillowcases, velvet and linen, and let the bed be your work of art.


Be inspired by your bedding with the curated collections from Greenhouse Interiors. Explore our stylish selection of designer bed linen online and embrace the Insta-worthy options on display.

From quilts and duvet covers to bed covers, blankets to linen sheets; find your unique personality in this exclusive range.

Discover this collection of pillowcases, bedcovers, designer quilt covers, blankets and throws and bed sheets online and transport them to your bedroom.

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Oroza Throw $395.00
Hynes Throw $395.00
Gilroy Throw $395.00
Pollard Throw $395.00
Essien Throw $395.00