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Expert Eye | The Psychology of Colour

Expert Eye | The Psychology of Colour

We all have our favourite colours, right? But have you ever stopped to consider why you might be drawn to certain shades? As a colour lover in the strongest sense, it is the boldest, brightest hues which have my heart. And this all has to do with the emotions they evoke. Oscar Wilde summed it up when he said, “Mere colour can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways" and I believe this to be true. Over time I have learned to tune in to the psychology that different colours promote; I know that when creativity is calling me, yellow is the colour to surround myself with. Or, if I am feeling somewhat melancholy, I will look to the moody hues of navy and indigo. It’s a fascinating subject that’s well worth exploring.

.   .   .

Pink conceptualises romance, flowers and femininity, and it symbolises hope and awareness. Variations of pink can range from calming to stimulating – while bright pink can add energy and stimulate creativity, a toned-down palette of pale pink can be soothing.

A personal favourite of mine, green is peaceful on the eye, creates harmony, balance and positivity while renewing and restoring depleted energies. This all makes perfect sense – after all, green is the shade to symbolise life.

Yellow is a great choice for a study or other learning environment thanks to its ability to support clarity of thought. As one of the more uplifting colours of the spectrum, yellow shines with hope, happiness and fun, yet also awakens creativity, optimism and enthusiasm.

Blue, in its many and varied formats, is timeless and delivers a breath of fresh air. Mid blue brings contentment, calmness and peace to interiors, while darker shades talk to power and authority.

Red is strong-willed, powerful and energetic. This colour possesses leadership qualities, symbolises confidence, creates exciting emotions and is associated with determination. Due to its intensity, red is best used with restraint, as it is also the colour to signify danger.

Purple seems to polarise like no other colour. But whatever your take on this regal hue, it has the ability to support an innovative and creative mind. A shade which lends itself to minimal settings, purple is a touch mystical and works to stimulate dream activity.

- x Julia Green