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3D Art App

Greenhouse Interiors works with amazing boutique designers and artists to deliver an incredible range of fine art for your home. Gorgeous art that regularly features in lifestyle magazines, commercial shoots and TV shows can now be seen on your walls using the amazing technology of 3D Augmented Reality.

All artwork on the Greenhouse Interiors website can be loaded and previewed using 3D Augmented Reality, offering life-like representation of the artwork on your walls. Art can be previewed to scale, with and without framing, then if you love how it looks on your own walls you can buy it with a couple of swipes. It’s very simple to use, extremely accurate and amazingly realistic.

Augmented Reality Technology


Some very cool features

Preview Art Anytime, Anywhere

Visualising art in your own home has always been a big challenge for many people. Greenhouse Interiors has now solved this problem, by using amazing 3D Augmented Reality to showcase over 1,000 artworks in your home, anytime, anywhere. You can preview Original Art, Photographic Art, Limited Edition Prints and Open Edition Prints - on your walls, 24x7 - absolutely free of charge.


Amazingly Realistic & To Scale

The Greenhouse Interiors Art-App uses innovative new 3D Augmented Reality technology for IOS 11 devices. Art can be previewed on your walls from all angles, with amazing clarity and precision. Buying art for your home now takes on a new dimension - empowering users to see different Art styles, shapes and sizes in their home like never before. This is the future of how to buy art.


Change Frame Colours & Style

One of the great features of this Art-App is to preview Art with different framing materials and colours, with and without mat-board. Previewing Art as a 'finished product' on your walls is extremely powerful and takes the guess work out of trying to make it up in the store - hoping you've made the right decision on your art, art size and framing colour.


Amazing Customer Reviews

What a game changer!
Amazing app!!! Love being able to visualise art in my home before buying! Highly recommend!!!

Customer image

Phoebe Bell

Really cool idea!
Great way to try art, very customisable with ways to change framing and size. Large catalogue size too for a new app.

Customer image


Best App Ever 👏👏👏
Such a clever app... simple to navigate and sooooo effective!

Customer image

Southern buoy