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Tim Freeman Artworks

A chance birthday gift of watercolour classes led Tim to rediscover a passion for painting that he’d had in his youth. 

It was that joy of creativity that sparked the family’s decision to leave their frantic inner-city lifestyle for an idyllic sea change. Tim now splits his time between painting in his home studio, working in the family business with his wife, and being a stay at home Dad to his 2 gorgeous kids.

Living at the end of the Great Ocean Road, Tim loves being able to draw inspiration for his painting from the enchanting local landscape – endless sandy beaches, rugged windswept cliffs, and rolling volcanic plains.

His recent collection of works are like nothing else around right now. Tim’s unique approach combines new and old techniques. He develops concepts through computer design and transfers these to hardboard or canvas, where he meticulously layers acrylic paint. Using stunning colour palettes of muted pastels, soft neutrals and intense brights, in his signature hard edge style, he creates striking, modern artworks.