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Expert Eye | Our top styling tips for adding colour to your home

Styling Tips & Tricks: Adding colour to your home!

It's no secret that colour is my passion. For me, colour is all about the emotion it evokes and I have learned to tune into the subtleties of it - especially within the home. Oscar Wilde summed it up when he stated, “Mere colour can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways." Here are some ways to ensure you continue to celebrate colour within your own four walls!


TIP 1Look to use colours that brighten your mood. I often reach for yellow accents to warm up a space and spark it with joy. You can choose any colour that makes you feel good.TIP 2Art is the perfect way to introduce colour into your room, as it can help inform the palette and guide you with other choices when choosing accessories. Find an unsuspecting colour within a piece, and reference it in the space for a considered look.TIP 3Textiles are an easy way to add depth and layering to a space, as well as an easy way to introduce colour. Decadent velvets can add warmth and colour to a space, as can chunky knit throws and mixed bed linen.TIP 4Introduce florals and/or greenery to a room to inject some extra life and colour into the space.TIP 5If you are feeling adventurous, paint the walls! There is no easier way to inject colour and life into a space than with a fresh coat of paint. Always try a sample pot first to ensure the colour interacts with the light the way you want it to.