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Styling with Orange

I am often surprised by how little the colour orange is used in interiors. To me, orange represents warmth, like the dipping glow of a sunset over the beach.
Whenever I see it I, I think of zesty citrus fruit. Think of the vibrant tints found in pumpkins, rust, peaches, brass, flames and feel the fire in your belly warm up

Orange feels restorative to me, like it could fix a cold instantly, and a flash or orange adds instant joy to any interior that embraces it. Although it sits in the warmer spectrum of colour, it can be used across all four seasons to its full advantage. A bright orange market umbrella sings of summer, yet a textured orange wool throw screams of winter.

Vivid | Hardie Grant | by Julia Green & Armelle Habib

Whilst it is known as a ‘hot’ colour, it is not as aggressive as red. Orange is fresh, optimistic and exudes happiness. Orange is encouraging, extroverted and doesn’t mind showing off! Orange is energetic but can be paired back a little when combined with cooler hues, such as lilac – in fact, that combination sits as one of my all-time favourite colour pairings.

As one of the bolder, brighter colours, people can feel afraid of incorporating it into their homes and interiors. My advice is to gently introduce this very friendly colour into your world, by way of accents. This will determine if you are able to live with it harmoniously, and if it troubles you or takes too much of your attention, it is easy to remove. Those that have used orange successfully in their interior do so with confidence and swear by its energetic properties – it’s well worth a try.


Artist | Katie Wyatt

Artist | Kirath Ghundoo

Artist | Shut Up & Relax Ceramics