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Styling with Blue

Universally loved by all, blue sits high atop many ‘all-time favourite colour’ lists. Maybe it’s the many positive symbols we can associate it with - such as the vast summer sky, or the depths of azure found glistening in the ocean.

Historically, blue has been associated with loyalty, sincerity, wisdom, confidence, faith and truth. With such solid values behind it, people have clearly leaned towards blue as a reliable colour, and a hue to be trusted and respected.

Vivid | Hardie Grant | by Julia Green & Armelle Habib

Blue is also known to be peaceful, slow and calm. It is a colour that people find to be easy to live with, tranquil and restorative. With that in mind, the phrase, ‘feeling blue’ remains a slight mystery to me, and the back-stories of its origin vary from the association with ‘lifelessness’ through to 13th century associations linking blue to low spirits.

Vivid | Julia Green & Armelle Habib

What a quandary, when blue is the go-to for so many that liken it to nature’s colour for water and the sky! As a cool colour, blue works brilliantly with many other cooler hues, such as grey or lilac, but for higher contrasts it also works brilliantly with warmer accents such as red or yellow.

Like any colour on the spectrum, it’s a matter of taste, and subjectivity. Make it regal by pairing it with gold, or make it breezy by combining it with white. Blue for me is such a timeless colour that will never date.

Artist | Lise Temple

Artist | Kate Pittas

Vivid | Hardie Grant | by Julia Green & Armelle Habib

It's been years in the making, but 'VIVID' has finally hit the shelves and it is a total celebration of the most beautiful, gloriously-colourful interiors from across the globe. If you love colour, love a good read, love a few handy interior tips and love a bit of armchair travel, this one's most definitely for you.