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Spend over $100 - Free Shipping* on us!

Spend over $100 - Free Shipping* on us!

Vanni Art

Vanni, formally known as Vanessa Wendland is a self-taught abstract artist born and based in Berlin, Germany. Her passion is to collect beautiful and uplifting treasures from everyday life, which she then subconsciously incorporates into her paintings. Although she gets inspired by many different things, she is particularly drawn to colours, shapes and patterns, as they can so often be found in nature and in the play of light and shadow. During her creative process she mostly works out a variety of different forms and shapes over several layers of acrylic paint in a very playful and intuitive way. Vanni is convinced that our home and the objects that surround us have a direct influence on our well-being, which is why she intends to create fantasy worlds where you can escape to recharge your batteries and receive positive energy through the partly calm, partly vivid colour combinations.