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Teneille Grace

A versatile painter of both dreamy abstracts and more realistic depictions, Teneille’s work aims to tell a story and transform your space into a beautiful sanctuary where you'll draw inspiration and life from every day.


Working mostly in acrylics, her inspiration comes from life, loves, feelings, music and even a simple conversation or thought. The artist’s abstract work aims to delve more into the visceral experience, through the exploration of colour, form and composition. The crisp, smooth edges and brushstrokes are a hallmark of Teneille’s work, and serve as a form of meditation, through repetition and extreme focus to calm an anxious mind.


For as long as she can remember, art and painting has been Teneille’s one true love, seeing her through some very hard times while remaining a true and enduring friend. She views this practice as both therapy and storytelling simultaneously, and believes art is for and should be enjoyed by everyone.