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Spend over $100 - Free Shipping* on us!

Spend over $100 - Free Shipping* on us!

Spend over $100 - Free Shipping* on us!

Susan Christie

Susan Christie is the fine art graduate behind the brand Formantics. Her paintings and ceramics are a playful exploration of form colour and pattern. Her work carries art historical references to the Memphis and Bauhaus groups yet emerges as distinctly unique and contemporary. Rather than beginning with a fixed idea, she’ll pick a shape or form and build the work intuitively. Each painting and ceramic object emerges through a balance of improvisation, chance and order.

Palm Art Tile $130.00
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Fallen $775.00
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Between $775.00
Bold Elements - Print from $115.00
Dip - Print
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Dip - Print from $115.00
Counterpoise - Print from $115.00
Dash - Print
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Dash - Print from $115.00
Off Kilter - Print from $115.00
Shift - Print
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Shift - Print from $115.00
Echo - Print
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Echo - Print from $115.00
Orange Crush - Print from $115.00
Blue Balance - Print from $115.00
Spicy Mustard - Print from $115.00