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Skye Lightly

After many years supporting the community, founder Skye Gibson found herself on a path of rediscovery.  As someone who had always been a lover of all things textile, Skye decided to repurposed an old lampshade with some left over yarn from previous fibre projects. The slow, methodical and medative process of weaving awoke something in her and Skye Lightly was born. 


Shapes and colour are an obsession for Skye.  She finds inspiration in modern art, fashion, architecture and the natural world.  Each light is hand woven over many hours using a fine organic yarn creating an intricate, delicate and sculptural piece that is more art than an everyday household item. Skye’s organic approach to the design of each light means that each piece has its own unique character.

Amor Light Shade $1,490.00
Tommy Light Shade $1,490.00