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Natalie Uhrik Artworks

Passionate about art from a young age, and having completed her Visual Arts Degree at Sydney College of the Arts,  Sydney based artist Natalie Uhrik has always been driven by her creative side. The Principal nature in Natalie's work is landscapes. With a range of painting techniques, line, texture and colour, her pieces mimic the elements of nature and embrace you in its ambience. Painting from a deep subconscious, these free flowing layers of colours and spontaneous movements create feelings of calm, gratitude, contentment, optimism and acceptance. 

Natalie also explores notions of spirituality, seeking meaning through connections to nature and art and the idea that there is something bigger than ourselves - the divine energy. It is a universal human experience—something that touches us all.

Her paintings are a reflection of her, then current, state-of-mind, right down to the colours, strokes, and wisdom gained whilst creating. They are a process of spiritual discovery and how much has manifested in her life as a result.