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Marcia Priestley | Life on the Land

"I paint because it's my sanctuary, a refuge where I find solace and healing. Each stroke is a release, a cathartic expression of emotions that are often too complex for words. In the rhythm of my brush against the canvas, I discover a therapeutic dance that soothes the wounds of the soul. Painting is not just an artistic endeavor; it's a healing source that mends the fractures within, allowing me to confront, process, and ultimately transcend the challenges of life. The colours I choose and the forms I create become a visual language for my inner healing journey, a testament to the transformative power of art as a therapeutic medium.” 

Australian Artist, Marcia Priestley’ evokes an alluring narrative fluent with emotion using acrylic and mixed media application. Creating serene viewings, lyrical tones are sculptured and composed from her loose, longitudinal arrangements or pattern formation creating movement, body, texture & difference.

Tempering romanticism, realism, simplicity and energy, life is captured in her creative process, shaping her symbolic and harmonious style. Commonly changing subject tone by painting a set series of works at one time, Marcia’s themes are feminal, eloquent and serene, revealing a compelling narrative often reflecting her feelings associated with her immediate experience, memories or desires.