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Leanne Daquino Artworks

As a self-taught, Melbourne based artist, who discovered a passion for painting just a couple of years ago, Leanne brings a fresh and intuitive approach to her work. She draws inspiration from the beauty and complexity of the natural world, particularly the intricate patterns and vibrant colours found in flowers. Through her use of expressive brushstrokes, bold colours and layered textures, she is able to capture the essence of these organic forms and create works that are visually striking.


One of the key elements of her work is the use of hand printed and painted collage papers. She enjoys the creative freedom that comes with creating these papers, and uses them to incorporate a range of textures, patterns and colours into her paintings. By layering these papers with different levels of transparency, she is able to create works that hold a sense of mystery and intrigue for the viewer, inviting them to explore the nuance and depths of her pieces.