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Karolina Mila Artworks


Karolina Miła is a self-made artist living in a small town in the south Poland called Siemianowice Slaskie. Living by the mantra, in the so called " La Dolce Vita Lifestyle", Karolina loves art, music, sun and most of all people.

Having rekindled her love for painting few years ago when here little son was born, it was this move back into the arts which allowed Karolina to express her joy for life.
Karolina is passionate about colours, specifically painting with acrylics to create bright canvases, allowing her true love to life filter into her artworks. Surrounded by her Mediterranean style home interiors, Karolina included pops of colour not only in her paintings but throughout her lifestyle.
With an aim to encourage those who purchase her works to reflect on fond and. joyful memories, her artworks are crafted with the intention to bring a sense of nostalgia and holiday happiness.
"I want my artworks to bring joy and brightness to the room, make people always remember the bright side of life, cherish their families, friends, love and everyday life" Karolina Miła