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Jordy Sosnowski

Working from her studio in the Byron hinterland, Jordy creates dreamlike paintings - instantly transporting the viewer to another world. The daughter of creatives, Jordy rebelled by becoming a lawyer, before turning her hand to art and design. She feels compelled to paint and does so intuitively, with each mark on the canvas forming part of a larger story.


Jordy’s work demonstrates there is meaning to be found all around us - in our small daily rituals, the plants, animals and music we surround ourselves with, and even (perhaps especially), in the domestic “mundanity” of objects scattered around the house. Behind all this is an unspoken narrative, filled with beauty, colour and depth. 


Jordy's pieces are like visual diaries, layered with dynamic marks and meaningful motifs. They are celebratory by nature, reflecting a colourful optimism and joie de vivre.