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Good Things & Glasses | Art Exhibition

Janey Forbes & Angela Hawkey | Good Things & Glasses Art Exhibition | May 6-22


‘Good Things’ is a collection of calm, unhurried works full of positivity. These works are truly a collection because they all grew up together. Each of the paintings was slowly and simultaneously created as I moved from canvas to canvas. Hence, lots of love and time have gone into each piece.I like imperfect shapes and lines that are gentle on the eye and combinations of colour that softly lift and brighten a space. while the views are beautiful or the architecture is grand, the subjects are simple: meals, fresh fruit, row boats and beach towels on a sunny day – humble ‘Good Things’. 

Janey Forbes


“Glasses series” has been such a delight to create. It represents all things fun, playful and delicious. Moments with friends and family that we now cherish more than ever before. The collection aims not to represent things precisely but to bring joy through texture, colour and imperfections embraced. This body of work has been an introduction to a beautiful partnership with Greenhouse Interiors that I am very grateful for. It was created under the mentorship of Julia and I love the direction it has taken. 

Angela Hawkey