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Jacob Jon Artworks

Jacob Jon is a multidisciplinary artist who’s career has played out in a polyrhythmic fashion in its multitude of forms and intensities. Stirred by his roots in remote Lapland, his style is gritty, raw and emotive. A collection of intuitive musings played out on textile, glass and paper. 

Jacob grew up in a melting pot of Art, Music and Culture. His father, a dedicated and passionate musician from Lapland, his mother a creative soul from colourful Malta - each bringing with them the distinct threads of their own cultures that now weave their way through the varying iterations of Jacob's work. Jacob's current collection has strong ties to heritage and nature. A captivating juxtaposition of bold textured forms and the softest, speckled spray paint that brilliantly echoes both the character and nature of his subjects. Typical of his organic approach to tactility and form each piece offers a visual reminder of ecologies and time.