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Spend over $100 - Free Shipping* on us!

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Hands Weave Hello

Fibre Artist Zoe Jones creates refreshingly unique handwoven art using thoughtfully sourced fibres such as wool, silk & raffia. Every piece is completely original, asymmetrical but balanced at the same time, and tactfully designed to magnify the fibres’ best traits. She doesn’t buy the fibre to suit the design, she designs to suit the fibre.

Each piece of art is an exercise to explore something different to the last, so you know you’re getting something completely individual. Each has a character and charm in it being 100% made by hand from her home studio in Melbourne.

Zoe is a newcomer, but a pioneer of the fibre art world, there are no real definitions to describe Zoe’s work (are they weavings? or rugs?). She’s never been one to conform, and this can be seen through her art. Zoe plans to continue challenging the traditional workings of fibre & dimension to deliver ultimately never-before-seen pieces.