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Earth Darlings

Growing up in rural Queensland, Madeline King spent most of her spare time around horses and cows, where she fell in love with traditional bush crafts and the overall beauty of the bush. This evolved into an interest in fine art, which made her to move from the bush to gain a bachelors degree in Visual Arts, majoring in ceramics (USQ). 

Earth Darlings is a constantly evolving body of work, hand-crafted in the Sunshine Coast Queensland. Earth Darlings have been made for housing plants, holding light, and making rich our daily rituals.

Each piece is completely unique and made from scratch. The clays are mixed by hand in the studio to achieve the signature red colour, the form is built and then hand painted with stained porcelain, single fired to stoneware temperatures and given details of 22 karat gold and copper details in a second lustre firing.

To hold, Earth Darlings are curious; smooth in places and rough in others. They are a play on the textures found in nature; smooth foliage or coarse bark. To look at, they are expressive and mysterious. They reference the motifs found in house plants; the curves of a Flap Jack or the blades of a Aloe. They have qualities of personality and authenticity. To use, they are practical and thought provoking.