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Bonnie Gray Artworks

Bonnie Gray is an artist based on the Central Coast, Australia. Affectionately known as a scientist of color, Bonnie’s work is like no other. If there was a visual representation of a pure lust for life, this would be it.

Every artwork has a unique touch. Words, poems, songs and stories are hidden amongst 90s tropical colors and layers upon layers of abstract shapes and textures. Bonnie weaves sentiment, sunlight and a touch of song writing melodies to each brushstroke. Each artwork is inspired by birthday parties, streamers, oceans, skies and 90s tee shirts. If you don’t know her name yet, you surely won’t forget it once you’ve seen her work.

Having a signature “Bonnie Gray” means you have a ray of sunshine within your space. It’s like cotton candy on your walls. Without inhibition, Bonnie expresses that which is wonderfully unique yet at the same time, evokes but one feeling within the viewer: pure, boundless joy.