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Birds to Beaches | Exhibition

This small collection explores my interest in light, colour and pattern in landscapes both interior and exterior. I’ve become interested in interior surfaces especially tile. I wanted to experiment with how that could work as a 2D image and form a playful abstract textural, structural or vessel element in these landscapes. 




Madeleine Stamer’s gentle, folk infused images display rich decorative line and bold pattern.Her work embraces captivating meditations on life and death, combining nature and culture, snippets of Australiana, nostalgic folk elements and pattern. Madeleine’s 'peace birds' and 'floating meadows' explore interwoven familiar themes that embrace moments of life, death, agony and ecstasy. They act as a conduit between the human world and the spirit realm. Birds and flowers are prominent players in Madeleine's hyper-coloured painterly universe. They are deeply symbolic and capture the past and present moments that continue to define her life.