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Kindred Spirits

I found my spirit home! Earlier this year I travelled to Morocco visiting Marrakech and Tangier and fell in love. So much colour, texture, and pattern to absorb! I feel so much richer for the experience and getting back to my studio I have loved reliving it every time I paint. This collection is a celebration of my time there and all the wonderful experiences I had. Things that particularly made a lasting impression were the Majorelle Gardens with its distinctive cobalt blue and an unbelievable array of fantastical cacti which only served to fuel my love of this hardy sculptural plant. Hot air ballooning over the outskirts of Marrakech was truly amazing and standing on the rooftop terraces of Tangier truly touched my heart. I have given my subconscious free reign in these works to express my newfound wonder of a place so rich in colour and history I hope you feel it too.

“Art is like birdsong: it’s made of patterns, inflections, shadings, shifts – all things that have emotional and perceptual impact, even if we can never really translate their meanings.”  Jerry Saltz, from his book How To Be An Artist.