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Anna Bektash Artworks

Anna Bektash is a self-taught visual artist living in Melbourne with her husband and little two girls. She has always loved the creative arts, and although pursued a career in education and social work, Anna is now devoting her time to her first love: painting.

Anna spent her childhood and early adult years living between Melbourne, the Yarra Valley and USA. Growing up immersed in such a diverse landscape of bush, mountains, farms, coastline and urban life, Anna loves to reproduce these spaces in her work. She has a strong interest in human stories and the state of mind and heart, and a particular interest in Mid Century design and the social environment of this era. Anna also loves to surf and has travelled the Australian coastline extensively looking for a good wave. These escapades have imprinted vivid images in her mind of the ever-changing colours and moods of the ocean, which can be seen in her work.