Society of Wanderers

Briony’s inherent wanderlust has led her to many far away lands on a quest to curate a beautiful, sophisticated and hand selected array of coveted interior products for the eclectic home. It is only apt the namesake- ‘Society of Wanderers’- was born.

Inspired by the mystical places she has visited from far and wide across the globe, Briony’s timeless, sustainable and often unique wares have put her brand on the most wanted list by many stylists designers and interior magazines alike. 

Specialising in ethically sourced textiles formed from natural derivatives, this latest collection by Society of Wanderers now graces some of the country’s leading interior stores alongside a swag of other carefully selected haunts from all over the world.

Shot on location in Morocco ‘Le Maison Marrakech’ promises the most stylish of slumbers, with flair yet with ease. Nothing pretentious- just purity, quality and a firm place in our nomadic hearts.

Summer 2017 Lookbook | La Maison Marrakech

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Mud Cloth Throw