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Spend over $100 - Free Shipping* on us!

Spend over $100 - Free Shipping* on us!

Spend over $100 - Free Shipping* on us!

Create Estate

Upholstery has always been the family business. With more than 40 years experience under my fathers belt and an established workshop on the Sunshine Coast, Create Estate had the foundation to let our creative minds run a little wild. We like to think of it as modern upholstery. With a focus on quality and longevity, we were inspired to introduce unique pieces at an affordable price to the market.

Create Estate offers custom designed bedheads, all made by hand using some our favourite fabrics, including linen and natural materials. Our furniture and homewares are designed to stand the test of time. Create Estate’s range is growing and with each new piece, we'll create light-filled, harmonious homes as your place of calm. 

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