Wholesale Enquiries 

If you would like to order items from artists and designers off this site for your retail business, please contact the Greenhouse Interiors sales team about becoming an approved GI Wholesaler. If your business is approved you can then order online via this site for all Wholesale Purchase Orders. Contact sales@greenhouseinteriors.com.au to enquire about the approval criteria and general trading terms.


Registered Retailers 

If you already have a ‘wholesale account’ with Greenhouse Interiors, please login in the upper left hand "login" field of this website using your email and password to create new Purchase Orders. Wholesale pricing is displayed after you have securely logged into the GI shop. If you have forgotten your password, select the ‘Forgot your password’ option on the Login page to have this emailed to you. For any other login problems contact sales@greenhouseinteriors.com.au 

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