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7-14 May (fully sold out)
8-15 September 

Style Morocco Tours

Join Julia Green (Greenhouse Interiors) & Jono Fleming (Interior Designer & Stylist) for an intimate Style Morocco Tour in 2024.

We have carefully curated the best places for you to visit in Morocco so you don’t waste a single second on this much anticipated trip. We take you off the beaten path where only locals visit, and ensure you are looked after every step of the way. You will never tire of Morocco’s magical cuisine, and will be spoilt for choice! You will not need to make one single decision for duration of the trip, other than what to eat! We hold your hand the whole way, and show you style and hospitality like no other in the most stylish of surrounds. Welcome to the most indulgent 7 days straight of your life!

Style Morocco Tours

7-14 MAY 2024


8-15 SEPTEMBER 2024


2025 Tour Dates ?..

2025 Style Morocco Tours

If you missed out on one of the tours in 2024, do not despair!... there will be more in 2025. We are still locking down dates and schedules but if you are seriously interested please register via the button below and we will email you confirmation of dates and itinerary when they become available. These spots go very quickly - so register now and start dreaming of Moroccan sunsets, unlimited colour, exquisite food and shopping shopping shopping!!!


Customer Testimonials

Words can hardly describe the true impact of this glorious, oh so colourful and truly inspirational tour. For a long time, I had been intrigued by the mystique of Morocco. And when the opportunity arose to not only visit but tour this beautiful country with other like-minded people, I didn’t hesitate!

Expertly led by Julia Green and Jono Fleming, the tour exceeded all my expectations. Whilst I was familiar with the itinerary, each day was like a beautiful surprise as we were seamlessly transported from one stunning destination to the next. Julia and Jono’s tour showcased the beauty of Marrakech and its surrounds: the colour and frenzy of the souks, the wonder of the stony desert and the tranquillity of the Atlas Mountains. Creatively, it was an immersion of colour, pattern, textiles, flora and architecture.

In conjunction with our Moroccan host, Moh, all aspects of the tour were like a finely-tuned machine. I feel privileged to have seen, experienced and dined in very special venues. And like any successful event, there is always a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes. To Julia, Jono and Moh, I am so grateful. Thank you for your effort, activity and energy in bringing it all together. As a solo traveller, I was warmly included with the group and have created new friendships. I was perfectly matched to share accommodation, and it was so nice to have someone to debrief with at the end of each day.

I feel blessed and fortunate to have been a part of this spell-binding tour. Morocco has sprinkled its magic dust and I am brimming with inspiration for my fabric and wallpaper designs. I would return in a heartbeat!