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You know those late night conversations where everything seems possible - like world domination, becoming the next Beyoncé or the fact that you can most definitely rock a fringe - well that’s how this neon adventure began!

Best friend duo Sara and Helen, propelled by their addiction with interior styling, décor, design and obsession with the romance of neon lights – set out to try and breathe some new life into what was being described as a dying art.

Entering the scene initially with a hire range, the desire was to offer a unique lighting and styling solution to events and styled shoots. This has since evolved, hugely driven by their goal to create neon art that was innovative, edgy, accessible and affordable.

Recognising that there was a massive gap in the market, they launched a “ready to buy” range of traditional glass neon pieces. The product range has since expanded to include the introduction of LED Neon Flex pieces into their collection.

Whether you’re a traditional neon lover or LED Neon Flex fan, Sara and Helen are beyond thrilled to share their collection with you.

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