Three Queens Interiors

Artist Elena Martorella creator of, Three Queens Interiors is all about the love of creating one-of-a-kind, unique pieces with a unique blend of eclectic and bohemian style. 

Her abstract artworks are inspired from mother nature, couture fashion, graffiti street arts, patterns and colour. "I paint for me and in the hope it speaks to others." 

Splashes of bright and colourful brush stokes cover the canvas and texture is depicted through the many layers of paint. Each piece has an application of varied medias, Acrylics, pencil, paint pens, oils and high quality artist spray paints.

Three Queens Interiors also creates stunning unique wall art. Inspired by a fascination of local crafts and hand made homewares, our products are unique and will add colour and personality to any home. All woven pieces are hand crafted, and one of a kind - no two are ever the same.

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