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Spend over $100 - Free Shipping* on us!

Spend over $100 - Free Shipping* on us!

Spend over $100 - Free Shipping* on us!

Kirsten Roberts

I see myself as a designer of change.   My intention is to live each day in a womb of creativity designing experiences, art, words, creations, installations, learnings that gets society to pause and bring a higher conversation of self-worth to the main.

My art aims to be bold and move you.  It might even make you uncomfortable.  I'm really cool with that as they are the things that stop and make you think in life.

The art is materially complicated, layered with incredible textures: acrylic paint, collage, spray paint, graphite, oil sticks – whatever I can get my hands on to deliver the desired feel! I love the history that comes from multiple layers of paints, a glimpse of a line, a ride of painted over collage, some amazing colour poking through or an interesting watermark.