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Spend over $100 - Free Shipping* on us!

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Iggy & Lou Lou

With a Masters degree and a series of exhibition work firmly under her belt, ceramic artist Irene Grishin Selzer sat in a tin shed in the Melbourne suburbs and contemplated her aversion to soulless, mass-produced crap. Rather than sit and whine about it, Irene decided to take matters into her own hands, launching her ceramic design line, Iggy and Lou Lou, in 2003.

The label’s handcrafted ceramic skulls, homewares and jewels quickly captured the hearts and imaginations of collectors, artists and style icons across the globe. Iggy and Lou Lou lovers include Emily Blunt, Nicole Ritchie, Faith No More’s Mike Patton and Anthony Gonzalez (M83), as well as countless ‘mere mortals’ who cherish beautiful things.

The past 15 years have seen Iggy and Lou Lou collaborate with Karen Walker, T2, P.A.M. and The Australian Ballet, and grace the pages of Vogue Living, Nylon, Belle, Frankie, Oyster, Russh and New York magazine.