Colours of a Sunburnt Australia
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Colours of a Sunburnt Australia

We may live in a sunburnt country, of which the rich red of the outback and the vibrant orange of a summer sunset are particularly iconic. But our local landscape offers colour inspiration at every turn, in every season. From jewel-toned blues and greens, to dusty browns, there is a stunning spectrum right on our doorstep.

It’s easy to see why the spectacular colours of our land have been more than instrumental to many an Australian stylist’s palette over time, mine included.

 When you wake up each day to the never-ending blue tones of the skies and oceans which surround us, it’s hard to define the enormity of what the colour blue means to you. The beautiful hues evoke feelings which stir deep within, and every visit to the coast yields a different emotion.

Bondi by Armelle Habib
Stylist - Julia Green | Photographer - Armelle Habib


Nature is continually producing beauty in an array of forms, and it’s all right here in front of us. Sometimes, the iridescent aqua of the still water is so perfect it can move you to tears in wonderment. Other times, dark indigo water stirs you and moves you with all of its drama.

All the while, you know that somewhere in our vast country the sun is shining its brilliant yellow rays of hope, the earth is being scorched or rained upon, and you are a part of this colourful tapestry in some microcosmic way. The colours of Australia are iconic, moving and intensely our own.

So it is no surprise to see that many of our Greenhouse Interiors artists have drawn their inspiration from our great southern land. Take the botanical works of Kimmy Hogan. They are a quintessential celebration of our natives, with strong bold colour references and clever use of sage green. 

Summer II by Kimmy Hogan
Stylist - Julia Green & Sara Huckett | Photographer - Armelle Habib

Shop Bloom IV by Kimmy Hogan | Greenhouse Interiors

Bloom IV by Kimmy Hogan
Stylist - Julia Green & Sara Huckett | Photographer - Armelle Habib


Even the latest flax linen bedding range by Sage x Clare pays a nod to the Australian landscape by colour reference, with earthy tobaccos, pale blues and lilac tones all forming a beautiful base with which to make art on the bed.

Sage + Clare |  A/W 2018
Stylists - Julia Green & Noel Coughlan | Photographer - Armelle Habib

But the latest hand printed quilt by Lumiere Art + Co, showcasing the spectacular protea in all shades of pink, may be the greatest reflection of how influential Australian colour and landscape can be in mirroring beauty. Combine this with an abstract artwork by colour queen Prudence Caroline, and you have yourself a slice of Australian colour and style right there.

AW Collection by Lumiere Art + Co
Stylist - Julia Green | Photographer - Armelle Habib


There is no doubt that the colours of Australia have helped inform many a creative moment, with endless combinations and shades all handed to us on a platter by nature itself. We celebrate these moments, and wish for many more to come.

Letting Go (L) & Set in Stone (R) by Katie Wyatt
Stylist - Julia Green | Photographer - Armelle Habib


Well Peachy by Prudence Caroline
Stylist - Julia Green | Photographer - Armelle Habib


Joshua Tree Flowers by Leah Bartholomew
Stylist - Noel Coughlan | Photographer -

Jessie & Jones


Kookaburra & Galah by Madeleine Stamer
Stylist - Julia Green | Photographer - Armelle Habib
Story by Julia Green, Greenhouse Interiors | Insta