3v4x1pbSa0cuLEvqyY1Pu8OaIG-PJwwaZicSrMFtJ3oWhen I was very young, I wanted to be an artist and being one of five children with a creative Mum made me a mix of artistic tendencies with resilient determination.  My school art portfolio earned my place in Graphic Design at RMIT.  A couple of years later, I had deferred, completed further study and wound up working in the corporate world.  For the next 14 years, my pharmaceutical career took precedence over my art practice until having my children kick started my creative career.  Spending time at home with my bubs allowed mental space to consolidate my creative ideas, maintain regular art practice and a build a business framework. Developing my website established a highly accessible portfolio for my creative network to grow.  Working with private commissions and collectors was followed by professional representation by Greenhouse Interiors and then Ministry of Art Gallery in St Kilda.   My art extends to painting and designing for Ninnho designer towels too.

Painting is my absolute passion and working with acrylic paint and paper is the bomb!  Layering paint & fine paper blends colour and texture to create translucency, deep shadows, flat areas or pools of light. Inspiration for my work comes from everywhere, which sounds clichéd but it’s true!  I see pattern, form and colour in nature and the living world.  I’m drawn to architecture, fashion and psychology.  My children inspire me with their use of colour and line drawings – so much uninhibited, gorgeous crayon freedom! Reading, hearing poetry or listening to music or a story around a dinner table can trigger an idea for a painting too.

My print collection is designed to evoke a feeling or a memory, universal and relatable in theme, such as fossicking in rock pools, trips to the countryside with rolling hills or monolithic rock sculptures evident in the Australian outback & psyche.  My Still Life print duo reflects the humour of daily life in an illustrative, almost retro-like fashion.

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